The Grace Last reflects the shape of the foot, engaging the point of contact between shoe and foot when ‘en pointe’ especially under the instep area. Due to the low profile of the shoe, the aesthetic line highlights the foot with a lateral flat substructure, increasing even weight distribution.

The Shank is the revolutionary patented Relevéase that uses biomimicry to echo the function of the human spine giving full flexion and easy roll through demi to ‘en pointe’. The shank is not attached at the heel allowing the insole to bend high at the break of the foot and to connect at the arch creating uplift.

The shoes are accompanied by unattached small crescent-shaped toe cushions which are included for additional comfort if required, to be inserted into the Box at the Platform.

Revolutionary ‘Relevéase’ shank – Allows the foot to roll and rise easily up through demi pointe
Cushioning under heel – Strategically placed for ultimate shock absorption
Internal box cushioning – For extra comfort around the box, up to the side seams for further wing support.
Noise reduction technology – Located underneath the pleats to lessen the resonance of the box
Flattened and streamlined box – Gives excellent stability and balance in all direction of the platform
Diagonal side seam – Reduces creasing
Elastic drawstring – Improved fit of the upper
Deep and wide platform – Gives increased stability and lateral support
Standard ‘A’ paste – Has resilience and is less affected by climatic conditions such as heat and humidity
Double stitched leather outsole – A lightweight construction for ultimate traction and control


Girls, Women





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Size 6


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